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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Fear - Like Being

"Mark Ty-Wharton is an exponential interventionist, iridescent existentialist and extra special experimentalist" – Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran

"You’ve heard the phrase think outside the box before?
For me, there is no box..."


  1. Oo.. Disqus has got a Google button as well now. Still no comments from the ungrateful not-quite-yet dead.

  2. Selina PostgateJuly 17, 2011

    mumble mumble BOOM!!

  3. No such luck for me. He's in full control of my Mastercard. Apparently he's on route for the Seychelles to “recharge his iPod batteries and reenervate his soul”.

    I see you found the Google button. Do you have any requests for Radio Free Republic? (on the right there ----->... We can source almost anything :)

  4. Gordon Is Not a MoronJuly 20, 2011

    If this is the fucker responsible for "The Reflex", I want him dead.

  5. Umm... Well, he didn't write it. Also this is slightly scary as you have a Cambridge IP.

  6. Mark Ty-WhartonAugust 13, 2011

    Phew - I had nothing to do with the reflex so I am good here ;)

  7. I'm being forced to relive the 80's - riots, negative equity, recession Tory government and New Romantics vs Soul Boys...

    I am assuming Gordon's not &c. is one of the Cambridge anarchists who keep demanding I define & recite their creed before I'll be allowed to drink with them. They're all v. posh. Definitely don't turn-up with a Molotov and brickbat.