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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Crip Pride

Spartacus - working with all sorts of people “behind the scenes”
In a world where the seemingly unstoppable rise of the Social Model of Disability has redefined no arms, no legs and terminally ill as fit-for-work, two refreshingly honest Facebook support groups have grown from the ashes of the now defunct Spartacus page.

The Spartacus people have gone off to work in secret with their new Lizard overlords in the ConDem government and

concentrate on research, analysis, report-writing and working with all sorts of people and groups behind the scenes

One wag commented

"behind the scenes" - go right ahead. Don't mind us. and later on in reply to the question 'why was the group closing down?',  It was getting in the way of media appearances.

The less career-minded have therefore established these two groups to continue the work

Chronically Sick and Disabled Peoples' Support Group [Facebook link]

This group has been set up to provide peer support to sick and disabled people affected by welfare reform and cuts to benefits and support services. Support can include making each other laugh because that can be so good for de-stressing!

And the

Disability Community UK [Facebook link] an action and debate group this is a group for campaigners, Activists and supporters to discuss disability issues, from cuts to welfare through to more general problems with participating in society and more... It is non partisan and non discriminatory. 


  1. Strange that - I both closed the Spartacus Report group for several very good reasons and opened the support group... So I'm not sure if that makes me more or less career minded, as you call it. Anyway, I do not think its helpful for you to make any judgement on my or anyone else's motives. The only thing I say is that I'll talk to anyone if I think it will make the system better than the abusive benefits system we have at the moment. If it will make a difference I don't care who they are, which political party they represent or if they have green heads or blue faces - if they can get stuff changed, I'll talk to them, simple as. And I've had my career... So career minded means nothing.

    1. I claim only the same standards of journalism as exhibited by the Daily Telegraph. I blame Simon Heffer's grammar lessons for taking all the space on the curicculum.

      Fritz V