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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ATOS Healthcare - Some Tough Questions

ATOS Killa Fish stinking to high-heaven

ATOS's solicitors contacted the host of CarerWatch, an internet discussion group for sick and disabled people, claiming it contained libellous material.

The host removed the discussion group from the Web.

CarerWatch have said in their response to ATOS:

This is a private forum and only members are allowed to make/read posts.

Questions for ATOS's chief solicitor, James Loughrey

i. What led you to believe CarerWatch's forum contained libellous material?

ii. How did you gain access to this libellous material on the CarerWatch forum?

Atos's James Loughrey
iii. (reprising point i) What was your prima facie evidence or reasonable cause to enter this private discussion group?

iv. Why didn't you contact the managers of this forum to ask them to remove the offending material, rather than effect the closure of the whole forum?

v. What heed did you pay to the possible adverse consequences of members losing access to this forum?

vi What role are LBi London playing in this affair?

We look forward (without any expectation) to hearing from you at your earliest convienience.


  1. TerminatorAugust 24, 2011

    Does anyone expect anything but a template reply that has been indexed in their computer files for years

  2. Unfortunately, no and  their handwritten replies to enquiries are shot through with condescending contempt. They are killing people like me and they want us to die quietly and without a fuss.

    Do not go gently...