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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

ATOS Register of Shame

ATOS Healthcare recently bullied a disabled woman into removing her "ATOS Register of Shame" website from the Net.

This is video is a tribute to her and all the other disability activists working to document the shameful work of ATOS Healthcare - the company employed by the UK government to massively reduce the welfare budget.

Google will give you the background, while I continue to prepare for my Grand Day (week (or two)) Out to the High Court in London to get close up and personal with several expert witnesses and a transatlantic Super Injunction...


  1. After Atos Assessment  rolling feedback survey for all those going through the Atos medical assessments. facbook page After Atos group and newly rebuitl website   The fight goes on and every one needs to be heard. 

  2. Poverty Pimps ATOS Origin are the real parasites ! , the LIMA software was developed by UNUM Provident who ran disability denial factories in the States , unfortunately a class action was taken out against them , they were banned from operating in three states ...deemed to be criminals . 

    Meanwhile back in Blighty , UNUM were behind the targeted quasi academic research and dated 90's fake science which has been  behind all the Government schemes with their fake medicals . 

    ATOS Origin are just a IT firm , they hired " HCPs " for the sham medicals to give them a very superficial credibility . 

    They and their ilk with government and media assistance ,  have got everybody squabbling amongst themselves :  whilst they're laughing all the way to the bank .

    I've respect for the real red in tooth and claw outfits , there was innovation , risk taking , entrepreneurism etc which you won't find with this pretend capitalism ...more socialism in reverse or just socialism for banks and ATOS with these rackets . 

    I and my colleagues have had the misfortune to deal with this shoddy , amateurish outfit as a OHS . Their paperwork is absolutely riddled with errors , begging more questions than answers and contradictory . 

  3. @3a65c2064c0d7d9cda097d4cfa705ec7:disqus I'm glad your back up and running... The others sites that have been hit over the past couple of days are also being reconstructed. We are working on a network of safe-haven servers... I am currently talking to a very nice Russian teenager who is going to host a back-up of our videos and artwork. Others will be hosting other material in other jurisdictions. 

  4. NORBET UNUM has been a leading promoter of the Social Model of Disability - something that has come in for much criticism from The New Republic over the years - despite originally supporting the concept.
    It doesn't surprise that such a superficially attractive concept can be co-opted and repackaged as government policy... It's what the USA's political system does best, after all.

    ATOS Origin are just a IT firm , they hired " HCPs " for the sham medicals to give them a very superficial credibility . 

    A very important point. It would explain the lack of empathy from their staff.